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16 oz Fuel Additive

Kills bacteria in fuel on contact. 16 oz. treats 439 gallons on the initial treatment; after the initial 16 oz. it can treat 1920 gallons.

Killem is a water soluble product, EPA registered as a biocide for the control of bacteria and fungi growth in oils and refined fuels. Approved for use in California.

Killem will control microorganisms in fuel oil storage tanks, fuel oil and other refined or partially refined oils. Killem is an EPA FIFRA registered antimicrobial that mixes soley in the water phase of the fuel storage tank; therefore, is not a fuel additive. EPA verification letter can be provided on request.

Used regularly, Killem will reduce the following:
  • tank corrosion
  • slime mats
  • odors
  • fuel oil filter deposits and plugging
  • vehicle fuel tank deposits and corrosion
  • fuel-water separator deposits
  • injector plugging
  • excess carbon deposit and exhaust gas smoke
Product Uses: Killem can be used in Marinas, fuel supplies and storage depots, auxillary diesel generators, home fuel, railroad diesel and other users of hydrocarbon fuels exposed to storage, humidity and contamination.
Dispensing TypePour
BrandFPPF Chemical Company
Part Number00119
Line CodeFPP
TerminologyFuel Additive
Size16 oz
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